Welcome to Kendall

Welcome to Kendall, Florida, your gateway to Miami while offering a slice of a more relaxed, small town feel. If you are looking for a nice medium between small-town feel and the larger Miami metropolitan area, Kendall is perfect for you.

Transportation to downtown Miami is easy with the Miami Metrorail running through the city. Dadeland North and South stations connection to not only downtown Miami, but the Miami International Airport and other important hubs throughout southern Florida, making it the perfect destination for you to call home, whether it is for good or just a few days while on vacation.

Kendall came to fruition towards the end of the 19th century when the Florida Land and Mortgage Company purchased the area from the state of Florida in 1883. Henry John Broughton Kendall, who at the time served as the director of the company, moved to this newly acquired region and slowly developed it into a township and now the current population of the city sits at around 76,000.

Kendall has an exceptional mixture of cultures. Many of the residents are first or second generation American citizens, with parents coming to the United States from Cuba, Venezuela, Peru and other Caribbean, South and Central American locations. It even has a large French community with the French American School of Miami located within the city border.

If you are moving to Kendall looking for employment, there are several major employers within the city itself. Pollo Tropical is based out of Kendall after moving to the region just over 20 years ago.

The Dadeland Mall is an upscale shopping center that brings in visitors from throughout southern Florida. This is due both to the quality selection of stores it offers and its location right off of US-1.

Several universities are found within Kendall. Keiser College and the Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus are both located in the city.

Additionally, the Polleo Institute, College of Business and Technology and the Nova Southeastern University can be found in Kendall, making it an exceptional location to stay and go to school.

For residents, there are significant tuition discounts, so if you are looking for a quality location to live and to raise a family while also saving money on a college education, Kendall, Florida makes for a great destination.

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Kendall offers you everything you might need in a smaller town, while still giving you access to Miami Beach just south of the city and Fort Lauderdale just to the northeast. All of this puts you right in the middle of the action.